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Medigap also known as Medicare Supplement is a policy sold by private companies. 

Medigap is designed to supplement or fill in the gaps of Original Medicare.  It can help pay for 20% coinsurance, deductibles, and copays. You can use any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare, anywhere in the nation.  Medigap has a monthly premium and will vary based on your county and zip code and it’s standardized plan letter  with associated benefits. 

It also provides a Foreign Travel Emergency coverage in most plans. Medigap do not cover Prescription Drugs.  You have an option to purchase a separate or stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan also known as Part D if you choose to get Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement. 

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We do not offer every plan available in your area. Currently, we represent organizations that offer products in your area. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all your options.